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By committing myself to the hair industry, I look at trends all day long. I look at natural hair patterns & textures, coloring patterns, precision cuts, what new healthy hair products are coming out, and new cutting-edge hair extension techniques.  I see hair-styling as more than just a technical skill.  It involves listening to you and working with you to achieve YOUR best look possible.


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33 years

“Yes, 33 years of pure fun!  A kind of fun and excitement that’s kept me motivated to continuously educate myself in the latest coloring techniques, hair extension proficiency, creative hairy styles that fit your features, cutting-edge hair cuts and much more.  In 2002, I recieved my P.H.D in hair cutting, from Helix Hair USA .”


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“The power of a beautiful hair-style will overcome so many things”

Dr. Jeana has helped me overcome so many hurdles with my hair.

"My hair is much healther."

Dr. Jeana is a great stylist and doesn't use a lot of heat on my hair. My hair is much more healthier than before I started going to her which was about three months ago.

"Mrs. Jeana creates with her heart and builds with her mind."

Mrs. Jeana is a personable hair stylists that creates with her heart.


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I will treat your hair, as if it were my hair.  Strand by strand, I will care for your hair, with passion and drive.  I have dedicated my entire life to the artistry of hair.  And I’m the artist you need to care for your hair!  I proudly serve Katy, TX, Richmond, TX and even Sugarland, TX.

Simple Actions to Healthy Treatment of Your Hair

Perfect scheduling of your hair care procedures is very essential for healthy treatment of your hair. It is very essential to match right timing and ideal items in order to receive perfect outcome and have healthy, strong, and smooth locks.

Undoubtedly, it’s not enough to just clean and condition your hair to accomplish a healthy look. According to the recent polls, people who never go even more than cleaning and drying are not pleased with the state of their hair health.

The key to achieving great healthy locks is designing your personal hair treatment program. By doing this you will accomplish great results in less time. You will have healthy hair and excellent mood.

You’ll be able at last to have any hairstyle you desire. Nothing will stop you from making the most popular hairstyle possible, and you will produce that Sedu hairstyle you’ve constantly wished to have. Everybody will go nuts with jealousy about how great you look with your stunning and perfect Sedu hairstyle.

So, let’s begin. Make certain to include all of the following to accomplish the best results. Remember that hard work brings double revenue.

Area 1: Hair Washing

All of us clean their hair, numerous of us do it in a wrong method. This naturally can’t benefit to the health of your hair.

To clean the hair properly you need to use percentage of hair shampoo to your hair. Massage your hair carefully up until you form the foam hat around your head. Rinse the hair with warm water. Rinse again for a minute just with the slightly hot water. It opens the cuticle of the hair to help the conditioner take in.

You need to clean your hair 3 times a week at least. Make hair cleaning your daily routine if you can manage it. By doing so you guarantee cleanness of your hair that is the primary step to its health.

Hair shampoo is one of the most essential hygienic items. So, it ought to likewise be chosen properly to match your hair type, level of hair damage, or color scheme.

If you clean your hair properly you prevent over drying of the scalp and of the hair itself. This is the primary step to healthy and Sedu hairstyle.

Area 2: Hair Conditioning

This section of hair treatment is generally omitted by the greatest part of people. It is wrong. Conditioners were made to let you easily comb your hair, protect hair from frizz or pulling throughout the blowdrying and combing.

When damp, our hair has higher flexibility than when it is dry. So, if you do not use the conditioner, you may stretch your hair half its normal length, which is bad for its health.

That’s why when you omit conditioning stage of the hair treatment procedure; you definitely agree to have your hair pulled, frizzy, or harmed.

To use conditioner follow these steps:
• After washing out hair shampoo with warm and hot water, capture as much moisture out of the hair as possible;
• Apply percentage of the conditioner on the hair and spread it along the hair length;
• Put on the shower cap to prevent loose of the conditioner through dripping, and leave for 5 minutes;
• Rinse the hair with the warm water and then with the cold water;
• Squeeze the moisture, wrap the head with the towel for a minute or two;
• Remove the towel and use leave-in conditioner, spread it along the hair length;
• Let your hair air dry or make a blow drying.

Application of the conditioner is crucial to eliminate frizz in the hair. You guarantee its smoothness, and move one more action towards Sedu hairstyle.

Area 3: Hair Masks and Serums

Hair masks and serums are generally applied with, or rather of the conditioner. They are utilized to eliminate frizz, include volume, or enhance state of hair health.

The very best schedule for applying hair mask/serum is twice a week for a month. Then make a break for a month and use again. You can use mask/serum up to four times a week if the hair is over processed.

To use hair mask/serum follow these steps:
• Wash your hair and towel dry it;
• Apply conditioner, if required;
• Apply hair mask/serum and comb hair from roots to pointers to distribute the product;
• Twist your hair on the back and put a shower cap;
• Cover your head with the towel and leave for the advised time;
• Rinse the hair and let it air dry.

It is better to air dry the hair when applying hair masks/serums. Serums and masks are generally more effective for the overprocessed hair, than conditioner. They help to treat hair damage, include strength to the hair cuticles and restore hair in general.

By applying hair masks and serums you protect your hair against external impact, therefore moving closer to Sedu Beauty.

Area 4: Blow Drying

Since it is one of the most secondhand procedures in our daily hair care routine, blow drying is very essential in hair care schedule.

So, what you need to and what you should not do when or if blow drying the hair:
1. You should not blow dry your hair every day. Develop blow-dry-free days for your hair. It will most certainly thank you for this.
2. You need to towel dry your hair completely prior to blow drying.
3. You should not blow dry soaky damp hair. Remove moisture first, and then switch to a cool setting to lock in shape and curl.
4. You need to dry the bottom part of the hair first since otherwise you may have damp hair underneath of the over dried one.
5. You should not bring blow clothes dryer closer than 1/2 feet to your hair, or you will over dry the scalp.

Of course, when you dry your hair in the morning it is impossible to air dry the hair. Careful and careful treatment of hair can lower the hazardous impact of the blow drying.

Having your hair dry prior to styling is important, as damp or damp hair can be seriously harmed throughout curling or correcting the alignment of. Such damage will most certainly spoil your Sedu hairstyle.

Area 5: Styling

Styling is

To clean the hair properly you need to use little quantity of hair shampoo to your hair. Conditioners were made to let you easily comb your hair, protect hair from frizz or pulling throughout the blowdrying and combing.

It is better to air dry the hair when applying hair masks/serums. They help to treat hair damage, include strength to the hair cuticles and restore hair in general.

Of course, when you dry your hair in the morning it is impossible to air dry the hair.

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