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By committing myself to the hair industry, I look at trends all day long. I look at natural hair patterns & textures, coloring patterns, precision cuts, what new healthy hair products are coming out, and new cutting-edge hair extension techniques.  I see hair-styling as more than just a technical skill.  It involves listening to you and working with you to achieve YOUR best look possible.


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33 years

“Yes, 33 years of pure fun!  A kind of fun and excitement that’s kept me motivated to continuously educate myself in the latest coloring techniques, hair extension proficiency, creative hairy styles that fit your features, cutting-edge hair cuts and much more.  In 2002, I recieved my P.H.D in hair cutting, from Helix Hair USA .”


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“The power of a beautiful hair-style will overcome so many things”

Dr. Jeana has helped me overcome so many hurdles with my hair.

"My hair is much healther."

Dr. Jeana is a great stylist and doesn't use a lot of heat on my hair. My hair is much more healthier than before I started going to her which was about three months ago.

"Mrs. Jeana creates with her heart and builds with her mind."

Mrs. Jeana is a personable hair stylists that creates with her heart.


Balyage Ombre Coloring    30 min. Free Consultation
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Relaxer 30 min. Free Consultation
Shampoo & Style(Natural & Relaxed) 30 min. Free Consultation
Hair Extensions    30 min. Free Consultation
Micro Link Hair Extensions 30 min. Free Consultation



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I will treat your hair, as if it were my hair.  Strand by strand, I will care for your hair, with passion and drive.  I have dedicated my entire life to the artistry of hair.  And I’m the artist you need to care for your hair!  I proudly serve Katy, TX, Richmond, TX and even Sugarland, TX.

Do You Know These Hair Coloring Secrets?

Coloring your hair is perhaps the quickest and most remarkable method to change your look. There are 2 kinds of hair dyes: permanent and semi- permanent, with variations of each.
A) Permanent Tints:
Need to be combined with hydrogen peroxide to raise hair color. The peroxide opens the hair cuticle so that the tint can penetrate the cortex and form the color. The higher the level of peroxide, the quicker and lighter the result.
B) Semi-Permanent Colors: They don’t really lift the color-you can either vary the tone within your natural highlights or go darker. The color can last up to 20 washes and will gently fade as you shampoo, triggering no re-growth issue.
C) Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors: Contain only veggie extracts and natural components, so no color is removed from your hair. It resembles henna however it does not coat the hair (adds shine though). This color sits on the hair’s surface and will rinse after about 8 hair shampoos.
Various coloring approaches fit various hairdos, so get some skilled guidance when choosing which one to opt for … Skin Tone: Your new hair color ought to complement your skin tone. Light-skinned people do not look great with very dark hair since it draws color out of their skin.
If you would love to be blonde, talk the procedure through with your colorist (or stylist) before you go for it. It ought to be reasonably painless on virgin dark brown hair, however if your hair has been completely tinted then the process will end up being a long legend. Never ever attempt this kind of color job by yourself for the very first time.
Red is the attractive shade, for color that weeps out for attention. Hair holds on to red-toned pigments well, so going copper-top can be simple for many people. Be warned-if you are blonde you will usually have to go 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural color to attain an abundant red (brunette), and it’s not simple to reverse it.
Brunette is constantly a safe choice as it matches almost everybody. Varying the shade with highlights can achieve a huge series of appearances. From chocolate brown and bronze shades to honey or dark blonde, combinations of natural tones provides unbelievable shine as darker-pigmented tints add condition to your hair.
This is without a doubt the easiest color to achieve due to the fact that the molecules in black tints are larger and will cover all hair types very effectively. Care is needed when utilizing black, as it only tends to look excellent on people with darker and olive skin tones.
Some popular coloring questions:
* Will coloring my hair damage it?
If the incorrect level of peroxide is utilized or you are over-processing (too numerous irreversible colors are used) your hair, only. If you continuously alter your hair color, particularly if you go from blonde to brown and back to blonde, you should frequently utilize deep conditioning treatments.
* What’s much better for my hair, permanent or semi-permanent color?
Semi-permanent color offers your hair a greater shine and improves condition, but they will not raise natural hair color. Likewise, a semi-permanent tint will not cover big quantity of gray hair (more than 50 percent).

Should be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to raise hair color. The peroxide opens the hair cuticle so that the tint can permeate the cortex and form the color. C) Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors: Contain just veggie extracts and natural ingredients, so no color is stripped from your hair. It needs to be reasonably pain-free on virgin dark brown hair, but if your hair has actually been completely tinted then the process will become a long legend. From chocolate brown and bronze tones to honey or dark blonde, mixes of natural tones provides amazing shine as darker-pigmented tints add condition to your hair.

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